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Starting to realise humanity ain’t that bad

I struggle to see old people stand on public transport while young Asian daughters and their mothers jst sit comfortably in the seats reserved for the elderly and disabled. Sometimes I want to tell them off only to think that would just make me as rude as them. However recently the people I’ve been observing have actually had the decency and manners to offer their seats. Yesterday from afar I saw a man stuck in the ticket barriers at central while everyone rushed past him. I immediately thought I gotta help him, as I approached I realised he was trying to get his luggage through the barriers, I was going to tell to go the big barriers only to realise he and his other suitcase were on one side on the barriers while his second suitcase was on my side. Having a mymulti on hand I thought ‘no problem’ I put the ticket in and signalled to the man to go through. He looked bewildered but pulled his luggage through and waited, not heading to his platform. I put the ticket through again to obviously say ‘invalid’ so I turned around hoping to get my way out of the situation by talking to the guards. Luckily the guy behind told me to ‘not worry’ and go though with him. Embarrassed and thankful I quickly shuffled in behind him through the barriers. Since my train was in 2mins I ran off to the platform. However that poor man that didn’t understand English or where he needed to go was probably still waiting there, feeling lost. Had I finished helping him actually? I was still selfish to head to off to my platform to catch my train home, to play with my cat.

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